A unique style

Degrea proposes an extensive range of pots and accessories which make your indoor and outdoor environments rich, succeeding in revisiting an ancient material, but existing at the same time, able to fit your spaces with harmony and elegance.

Degrea proposes a wide range of products characterized by a unique style:
• jars, pots and bowls typical of the Tuscan tradition, classic Italian style terracotta;
• modern-looking pots characterized by different finishes, all bringing colours and movement at your home.
Degrea proposes different styles: a classic and traditional-looking terracotta, pots with a modern and coloured style able to transmit modernity to the surrounding environment, original decorations bringing value to your spaces, characterized by the utmost quality and resistance to time and bad weather.

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Terracotta Graffiata

Pots matching tradition and modernity at the same time

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Terracotta Arena

A pot evocating a past tradition

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Terracotta Vulcano Graffiata

A line with a particular coloured shade distinguished by an almost artisanal finishing

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Terracotta Vulcano

An essential modern line with a colour evocating the volcanic ashes

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Terracotta Classica

Pots made of only clay, water and fire

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Terracotta Toscana

From the Toscana line a selection of items produced with the best hand-finished clays, made to last over time with a classic style linked to the tradition of these lands.

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Terracotta Petra

Prestigious Galestro Floor Line expertly hand-finished without hole.

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Terracotta Oasi

Elegant selection of the finest Italian production of hand-finished articles

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